Boiler Cleaning Schedule and Inspection Toronto

Hoerner Guide to Home Boiler Cleaning and Inspection

When & How to do a Home Boiler Cleaning in Toronto


\Boiler Cleaning ScheduleMany Toronto homes are heated by radiators that provide circulating hot water - a boiler cleaning schedule can make it run more efficient. In order to keep the unit functioning as it should, it is important to maintain it regularly. If your radiator doesn't work as it should, you will find that it doesn't heat up your home as much as it used to, and some rooms may be cooler than others. Radiators that don't work as they should will waste heat by circulating the hot water back to the boiler without delivering heat to the home. Instead of turning the thermostat up higher than necessary, and adding unnecessary costs to your heating bill, consider maintenance instead.

How Radiators Work

Once heated by the boiler, water is circulated through the piping system to the radiators of your home. The indoor air is warmed through convection and radiation. In order for the radiator to work efficiently, air must be allowed to flow freely around and under each radiator. Over time, radiators may stop working because of faulty valves or air in piping systems. This will impede the efficiency of your radiator and can even stop the central heating system from working at all. Getting on a boiler cleaning schedule will create better efficiency with the operation of the entire system.. 


Schedule a Home Boiler Cleaning With Hoerner

Hoerner Heating and Plumbing recommends regular home boiler cleaning services and boiler maintenance. Don't wait for the freeze before scheduling your maintenance call - do it now. The best time for a boiler cleaning is in May or June, and no later than Fall.  Why? Hoerner Heating & Plumbing will do a combustion analysis, if the outdoor temperature is hot, the boiler combustion analysis may not test properly. But waiting too long is not good either - you don't want to hit the winter rush without your heating system in good working order.


We recommend that homeowners call for boiler cleaning during spring, when the temperature is below 15 degrees Celsius. Ideally, boiler cleaning should be done during May or June. When the temperature is below 15 degrees Celcius, we can do an accurate combustion analysis.


We recommend Home Boiler Cleanings, or at least an inspection once a year before the heating season commences. Ideally, your boiler should be cleaned once a year.

We do Boiler Maintenance on Hoerner Choice Boilers - Heating Only and Combination Boilers Including:

  • Viessmann
  • NTI
  • IBC

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This is a general list of what we do on high efficiency and mid efficiency models.

High Efficiency Cleaning

High-efficiency Annual Cleaning includes an intensive and thorough inspection and cleaning.

Removing burners and cleaning/inspecting the heat exchanger.

Draining and recharging the cushion/expansion tank.

Removing condensate trap and cleaning

Checking for leaks in the system.

Taking a combustion analysis for CO2 levels.

High Fire CO2 %


Mid Efficiency Cleaning

Boiler Cleaning Includes an intensive and thorough cleaning.

Taking a combustion analysis for Carbon monoxide level.

Removing the burners and venting.

Cleaning out all debris. Use boiler cleaner brush.

Vacuum all debris at the bottom pan. Use compressor and blow through heating coil or unit if needed

Draining and recharging the cushion/expansion tank.

Cleaning the heat exchanger

Checking for leaks on the system.

About Home Radiator and Boiler Cleaning With Hoerner

Hoerner Heating & Plumbing is known by our attention to detail and the fact that we do extremely thorough home  boiler cleanings and offer a warranty on the service and additional warranties on the parts too.


Radiators also need regular purging of air. Call Hoerner Heating and Plumbing to schedule a maintenance call. Often we can install a radiator in an area that is cold.  We specialize in radiator replacement. You also have the option of pressure testing to detect leaks..


Having been in the industry for more than 40 years, Hoerner Heating & Plumbing is an experienced specialist who understands your heating system. As a full service hydronic heating company, we have many clients who need their boilers and radiators maintained. We're committed to providing a full range of responsive services to accommodate your specific needs, thus making the process as simple as possible.


We service many boiler brands including NTI Boilers, IBC Boilers and many more...

Service Warranty Policy

The Manufacturers have their own warranty on their equipment & fixtures. Hoerner Plumbing warrantees our repairs and replacements, the length of warranty varies depending on the type of repair or replacement.