Faucet Repair

Faucet Repair & Upgrades in Toronto


Dripping or leaking faucets? You might need a faucet repair. Whatever your situation, we can repair your existing faucet or replace it with one of our favourite faucets. 


Faucet RepairFaucet repair in the COVID-19 age. The average household has spent more time at home over the last two years than ever before. Our home's plumbing system will inevitably wear out faster if we use it more often.  Regular usage can wear and tear the rubber seals, preventing water from escaping. Cracks can form in the seals, preventing water from escaping. Although you can't stop using your faucets, if you live in an older home and often experience leaks, it might make sense to have your faucets upgraded.


Do I need a faucet repair?


Over time, many small parts of faucets deteriorate or break. You may waste several hundred gallons of water and hundreds of dollars per month if your faucet slowly leaks. 


There may be instances when faucets break and water sprays uncontrollably all over the wall or room. When this happens, it is paramount to call a plumber right away. In the meantime, if your faucet breaks and water is leaking, turn off the water using a shutoff valve. Then, you should call our experts to handle your faucet repair and replacement. 


Our team can provide emergency plumbing services to fix faucets and resolve other plumbing issues as needed. If your faucet starts leaking or gushes water all over your countertop or wall, we can repair it.


Are you aware that a leaky faucet wastes up to 10 litres of water per day?  You could lose a lot of money if a leak goes unattended. Whenever you need faucet repair or replacement, call Hoerner Heating & Plumbing at 416-463-2573.


Faucet Replacement and Installation Services


Along with fixing broken or leaking faucets, we can also install new faucets during renovations. To meet every design style, we offer a wide variety of faucets from popular brands. A complete renovation project can include replacing and installing faucets. Your home can be updated with the replacement of worn, tarnished, or outdated faucets around the house, which can be done at an affordable price. Our services include replacing and installing faucets around your home, including:


  • Faucets for the kitchen sink
  • Faucets for bathroom sinks
  • Faucets for tubs
  • Faucets and shower heads for the bathroom
  • Faucets for wet bars
  • Faucets for the laundry room and utility room
  • Faucets for outdoor use
  • Hose bibs for outdoor use


Hoerner Heating and Plumbing Recommends Moen Faucets


Throughout history, water has formed the world we live in - where we gather, what we do on the weekends, and what kinds of rooms we build. Let's acknowledge what water does for us and give it the respect it deserves.


Water is essential to the health of your family, and Moen continually innovates ways to bring this to your home.  Customizable settings and personalized commands will help you streamline those everyday tasks and save you time throughout the day. There are four ways to operate a Moen faucet. You can control your faucets without touching a handle with your voice or hand motion using the Moen Network app. Use Alexa or Google Assistant to order water dispensed at desired temperature and volume.


To complete kitchen tasks more efficiently, the U by MoenTM Smart Faucet features intuitive voice activation technology for convenience and precision. You can control your faucet with your smart speaker. Delivers water at the perfect temperature and volume (1 tablespoon up to 15 gallons). Setup is customizable and commands can be personalized.


High arc, single handle pulldown kitchen faucet in chrome


U by Moen technology can be found on an unprecedented broad range of kitchen faucet designs and finishes to meet consumers' varying tastes and budgets. 


The straight, clean lines and cylindrical shape of the Sleek collection elevate Modern design to an entirely new level and define the shape and function of the future. Elegant and functional, Sleek is the perfect combination. The lustrous collection blends seamlessly with the modern lifestyle. Click here to view our favourite High Arc, Single Handel pull down faucet by Moen.


Water Filtration Done Right


You've never seen water so cold and pristine. Moen's under sink water filter works with Sip beverage faucets to deliver beautifully clean water when you need it. The system uses carbon block filtration for maximum filtration power, as well as an electronic filter life indicator and a limited lifetime warranty.


When you let our professional plumbers install or replace your faucet, you can be sure that the job is done correctly the first time. It is much easier to have your faucet professionally installed instead of trying to do it yourself. Please contact us for more information regarding our faucet repair and replacement installation services.


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Service Warranty Policy

The Manufacturers have their own warranty on their equipment & fixtures. Hoerner Plumbing warrantees our repairs and replacements, the length of warranty varies depending on the type of repair or replacement.